Thursday, February 19, 2009


Today we will be celebrating Devin’s birthday as he turns 14! 14? WHAT? Oh I really am starting to feel old. From spending many nights at the table with Richard playing Monopoly, to holding him many restless nights, to listening to him tell me, “mom please don’t walk me into the school anymore, I’m a big boy.” At that moment I knew he was growing up. Now that he is older instead of asking for a toy, he asks to drive, or hangs out with friends.
When he isn’t texting, on the computer or playing the x-box, he is at practice. That’s been none stop, he plays Baseball, Football, Rugby and he wrestles. Boy he keeps me busy.
Looking back at pictures of him when he was little I wonder, “where did my bald headed little boy go? (three words, LOTS OF PICTURES!) Because in the blink of an eye all those precious memories are just that… memories that you hope you can hold onto for eternity.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEVIN! You will always be my “Curly”!

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