Thursday, February 26, 2009


This story is about Jed, well what can I say? Jed is a very active boy. He is like his dad! He loves the outdoors and all that it has to offer. Give him a chance to go hunting and he is the first one out the door. He hunts deer, turkey, dove, squirrel and rabbit and loves it! Let me tell you about this picture. One day Richard took Jed Turkey hunting, after sitting half the day, Jed finally shot his first turkey. Well Richard and Jed came home and next thing I knew they were gone again. Now you have to understand this was a special hunt day. Youth only and they could only shoot 2 Turkey’s. Well a couple of hours later Richard comes driving up laughing and looking a little scared too. I walk to the back of the truck and to my amazement there lay 2, yes 2 turkeys! This is in addition to the one Jed already killed. So you guessed it, Jed shot over the limit. Richard goes on to tell me how it came about. He said Jed saw the turkey and Richard was instructing him when he was ready to take the shot. Well he did, and at the same time another turkey came running out and before Richard could say a word….BANG! Richard turned to look and UH OH, Jed had shot a third turkey. Didn’t I mention earlier the limit was 2! Jed was the recent talk at the National Wild Turkey Federation for that one and what you should not do. Now Jed displays his turkeys in his room with pride! Take a look.

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