Friday, March 6, 2009


Ok, here we are from wrestling to RUGBY! Devin loves it and I am scared to death of it. I have no free time during the week and hardly on the weekends. Devin has Rugby 3 days a week and the other 2 for baseball! The weekends are spent cleaning the house and with two boys, it’s a never ending battle to keep things clean, but somehow I manage. So this Rugby thing, I have tried to look at the video of people playing Rugby on but I cannot keep up with it. So I go to Devin’s games and just take lots of pictures, boy looking thru the lens at those boys coming at you makes you want to RUN! Here are some pictures of Devin during a Rugby Game…. Enjoy! Oh by the way, Devin’s Rugby team is 3rd best in the state! YES! Wish him luck, he plays the #1 team tonight.

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